Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is based on data protection regulations and European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation. Rojgarexam takes guarantees to protect your data and not share it with third parties. All the data come up by comments like email id, address, and name, we do not disclose it with third parties.

Data Policy:

We commit not to store the personnel data of users and not to ask for data from users. We can not send any mail to our users and never ask for their personal information.

We follow all the rules of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation and in the word of cookies, we do not store cookies. To track our users, we use only Google Analytics. It is a famous and public tool that helps us to navigate our users’ search queries, and behavior reports.

We do not know what Google does with this information. Our privacy policy could be changed when needed, especially if we add new features to it. If something changes on our website, we publish it at our website